Ms. Edlyn Niimi

Busy Bee International school is a cheerful and nurturing setting which provides education and stimulation for native and non-native English speakers. Its small class size gives our energetic tree year old son the individual attention he needs to learn and socialize in a group environment. We looked at other schools but knew that he required more one on one time with the teacher than they could provide. Our 5 year old daughter attends one day a week for English language support and loves the challenge and the opportunity to speak with children her own age in English.

Ms. Kawahara Ikuko

My son enjoys himself very much at Busy Bees School. He had a bad experience at his previous International School that made him afraid of trying to study in English. However he changed when he met Willie. He relaxes, enjoys spending time going to Busy Bees. He always says, gIt was great fun!h when he comes home from Busy Bees.
I do appreciate my son being excepted at Busy Bees.
Kawahara Ikuko

Ms. Watanabe Keiko

We are so happy to have found such a great International School. We are also greatful for the kind teachers at Busy Bees International School and the way they treat our daughters. There are so many wonderful ideas and a special magic about teacher Willie and this school. The programs are very educational and fun. Our daughters are not good in communicating in English yet but they really enjoy their school life and they have a good time each day at school.The teachers are full of love for their students and concerned for each child. They are firm with the children who break the rules, so we have complete trust with them to educate and take care of our daughters. My husband, my daughters and I love this school and the teachers !!
Keiko Watanabe

Mr and Mrs Fouracre

Busy Bees have created a wonderful environment where our son not only has fun and really looks forward to going everyday but where he is also learning very quickly. He always comes home with a big smile on his face telling us how much fun it was. We looked at many different options and were always very concerned we would spend school hours worrying whether he would be ok.
From the minute we first walked into Busy Bees we realized we had found somewhere very special.
The teachers clearly care about the children, they respond to queries and always chat about the day at home time. Their approach to learning, such as encouraging eshow and tellf has given our son confidence to speak English.
Busy Bees have exceeded our expectations.