Nursery Class(2 to 3 years old) Ladybug / Only Regular Class Schedule Available (9:30am - 1:30pm)
Pre-school Class Pre-K1(3 to 4 years old) Honey Bee
Pre-school Class Pre-K2(4 to 5 years old) Honey Bee
Kindergarten Class(5 to 6 years old) Beetle

Schedule may differ for each class

Regular Class 9:30am - 1:30pm
Time Contents
9F20`9F30 Arrival Time
9F30`9F45 Free Play Time
9F45`9F55 Good@Morning Circle Time
9F55`10F10 Snack Time
10F10`11F00 Park Time
11F00`11F30 Learning Centers
11F30`12F15 Lunch Time
12F15`12F50 Language Centers
12F50`13F30 Show/Tell, Story Time
13F30 Good-by Time

Extended Day Programs Available 7:30 - 18:30
Our extended day program is an extension of our regular class program (8:30-17:30). This class is open until 18:30, additional fees may apply after 17:30. During this time Kindergarten and Pre-school children are engaged in many fun, planned activities.


Circle time
Outdoor play

Goals for the contents of every class

Goals for the Year (2-3 years old)

Self-Help Skills *Washing hands
*Get dressed independently
*Eating on own
*Bathroom needs with assistance
Manners *Group relationship
*Self control and follow directions
*Respect for authority
*Child to child relationships
*Take care of their belongings
*Start listening and using words
English Reading
*Recognize uppercase letters (A`Z)
*Picture recognition

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics
*Know some of the letter sounds

*Development of tripod grip
*Controlled space strokes
*Correct use of writing and art tools

Goals for the Year (3-4 years old)

Communication *Make eye-contact
*Communicate verbally about their needs/feelings/etc.
*Interact with peers
English Reading
*Recognize uppercase letters
*Start to recognize some lowercase letters
*Recognize the words in the morning calendar
*Show interest in story books
*Understand stories by looking at the illustrations
*Associate words with pictures

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics
*Know the difference between letters and sounds
*Know some of the letter sounds
*Start to match letters and the associated pictures

*Write their name in uppercase
*Write the alphabet and numbers
*Copy simple words in uppercase
*Draw simple shapes and pictures
Math Numbers
*Count up to 30
*Recognize the numbers up to 30 at random

Addition and Subtraction
*Start to understand the concept of addition

*Know some basic shapes (circle, triangle, square)

*Understand the basic concept of measurement (big/small, long/short, light/heavy, etc.)
Fine Motor Skills *Hold the pencil/crayon/marker/ with a proper grip
*Start to use scissors without support
Gross Motor Skills *Use large muscles for running, jumping, climbing, hanging, swinging, etc.
Self-Help Skills *Get dressed independently
*Take care of their belongings

Goals for the Year (4-5 years old)

Communication *Make eye-contact
*Communicate events or conflicts in sequence
*Start to interact with peers in English
*Be willing to try speaking to the large group
English Reading
*Recognize lowercase letters
*Comprehend story books and share their responses
*Enjoy reading books independently
*Start to decode simple words

*Know all of the letter sounds
*Match beginning sounds and the associated words

*Write their name using lowercase
*Write numbers correctly
*Write simple words using lowercase
*Start to copy simple sentences
*Know the directionality in writing
*Draw pictures to communicate their ideas
Math Numbers
*Count up to 50
*Recognize the numbers up to 50 at random

Addition and Subtraction
*Add and subtract 1-digit numbers

*Know various shapes besides basic shapes (oval, heart, star, zigzag)

*Sort and arrange objects
*Make simple patterns

*Understand the concept of measurement (length/weight) using units
Fine Motor Skills *Fit small items together
*Use scissors effectively
Gross Motor Skills *Use large muscles for running, jumping, climbing, hanging, swinging, etc.
Self-Help Skills *Get dressed independently
*Organize their belongings

Goals for the year (5-6 years old)

English Phonics, Spelling and Handwriting
*phonics and letter patterns
*daily handwriting practice relating to highlighted letter patterns
Grammar and Punctuation
*capital letters
*verbs and adjectives
*question marks
*singular and plural
Composition and comprehension
*writing simple sentences
*big book related stories
*rhyming sentences
*letter writing
*comparison of fiction and non-fiction texts
*reads short stories
Maths Properties of numbers
*Describing and extending number sequences; counting on and back in ones, twos, fives and tens. Reading and writing numbers from 0 to at least 100 begin to work with tens and units.

Addition and Subtraction
*2dights numbers

*recognizing coins of different value; finding totals and giving change.

*weight and capacity

*knowing all basic shapes, triangle, square, circle, rectangle
Science Living Things
*Classifying objects
*Sorting animals
*Parts of a plant
*Different environments
*Growing plants
*Habitat adaptation
Music *Composition
*Ta, titi rhythms
*Musical dynamics
*Consolidation of year's work
Geography Maps and Mapping
*Direction Vocabulary
*Local area study
*Classroom maps
*Visit to parks
*Playground maps
PE Gym
*Using large muscles. Legs, arms, stretching
*Using Games apparatus and partner work

Monthly Theme / Country for 2015 - 2016 School Year

  Theme Country
September All About Me Italy
October Sports India
November Toys and Games Chile
December Holiday Traditions Switzerland
January Five Senses and Feeling Turkey
February Transportation Canada
March Food from Around the World Japan
April Music and Instrument Australia
May Bugs Brazil
June The Human Body Germany
July Animals America