Nursery Class(2 to 3 years old) Ladybug / Only Regular Class Schedule Available (9:30am - 1:30pm)
Pre-school Class Pre-K1(3 to 4 years old) Honey Bee
Pre-school Class Pre-K2(4 to 5 years old) Honey Bee
Kindergarten Class(5 to 6 years old) Beetle

Schedule may differ for each class

Regular Class 9:30am - 1:30pm
Time Contents
9F20`9F30 Arrival Time
9F30`9F45 Free Play Time
9F45`9F55 Good@Morning Circle Time
9F55`10F10 Snack Time
10F10`11F00 Park Time
11F00`11F30 Learning Centers
11F30`12F15 Lunch Time
12F15`12F50 Language Centers
12F50`13F30 Show/Tell, Story Time
13F30 Good-by Time

Extended Day Programs Available 7:30 - 18:30
Our extended day program is an extension of our regular class program (8:30-17:30). This class is open until 18:30, additional fees may apply after 17:30. During this time Kindergarten and Pre-school children are engaged in many fun, planned activities.


Circle time
Outdoor play

Goals for the contents of every class

Goals for the Year (2-3 years old)

Self-Help Skills *Washing hands
*Get dressed independently
*Eating on own
*Bathroom needs with assistance
Manners *Group relationship
*Self control and follow directions
*Respect for authority
*Child to child relationships
*Take care of their belongings
*Start listening and using words
English Reading
*Recognize uppercase letters (A`Z)
*Picture recognition

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics
*Know some of the letter sounds

*Development of tripod grip
*Controlled space strokes
*Correct use of writing and art tools

Goals for the Year (3-4 years old)

Communication *Make eye-contact
*Communicate verbally about their needs/feelings/etc.
*Interact with peers
English Reading
*Recognize uppercase letters
*Start to recognize some lowercase letters
*Recognize the words in the morning calendar
*Show interest in story books
*Understand stories by looking at the illustrations
*Associate words with pictures

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics
*Know the difference between letters and sounds
*Know some of the letter sounds
*Start to match letters and the associated pictures

*Write their name in uppercase
*Write the alphabet and numbers
*Copy simple words in uppercase
*Draw simple shapes and pictures
Math Numbers
*Count up to 30
*Recognize the numbers up to 30 at random

Addition and Subtraction
*Start to understand the concept of addition

*Know some basic shapes (circle, triangle, square)

*Understand the basic concept of measurement (big/small, long/short, light/heavy, etc.)
Fine Motor Skills *Hold the pencil/crayon/marker/ with a proper grip
*Start to use scissors without support
Gross Motor Skills *Use large muscles for running, jumping, climbing, hanging, swinging, etc.
Self-Help Skills *Get dressed independently
*Take care of their belongings

Goals for the Year (4-5 years old)

Communication *Make eye-contact
*Communicate events or conflicts in sequence
*Start to interact with peers in English
*Be willing to try speaking to the large group
English Reading
*Recognize lowercase letters
*Comprehend story books and share their responses
*Enjoy reading books independently
*Start to decode simple words

*Know all of the letter sounds
*Match beginning sounds and the associated words

*Write their name using lowercase
*Write numbers correctly
*Write simple words using lowercase
*Start to copy simple sentences
*Know the directionality in writing
*Draw pictures to communicate their ideas
Math Numbers
*Count up to 50
*Recognize the numbers up to 50 at random

Addition and Subtraction
*Add and subtract 1-digit numbers

*Know various shapes besides basic shapes (oval, heart, star, zigzag)

*Sort and arrange objects
*Make simple patterns

*Understand the concept of measurement (length/weight) using units
Fine Motor Skills *Fit small items together
*Use scissors effectively
Gross Motor Skills *Use large muscles for running, jumping, climbing, hanging, swinging, etc.
Self-Help Skills *Get dressed independently
*Organize their belongings

Goals for the year (5-6 years old)

English Phonics, Spelling and Handwriting
*phonics and letter patterns
*daily handwriting practice relating to highlighted letter patterns
Grammar and Punctuation
*capital letters
*verbs and adjectives
*question marks
*singular and plural
Composition and comprehension
*writing simple sentences
*big book related stories
*rhyming sentences
*letter writing
*comparison of fiction and non-fiction texts
*reads short stories
Maths Properties of numbers
*Describing and extending number sequences; counting on and back in ones, twos, fives and tens. Reading and writing numbers from 0 to at least 100 begin to work with tens and units.

Addition and Subtraction
*2dights numbers

*recognizing coins of different value; finding totals and giving change.

*weight and capacity

*knowing all basic shapes, triangle, square, circle, rectangle
Science Living Things
*Classifying objects
*Sorting animals
*Parts of a plant
*Different environments
*Growing plants
*Habitat adaptation
Music *Composition
*Ta, titi rhythms
*Musical dynamics
*Consolidation of year's work
Geography Maps and Mapping
*Direction Vocabulary
*Local area study
*Classroom maps
*Visit to parks
*Playground maps
PE Gym
*Using large muscles. Legs, arms, stretching
*Using Games apparatus and partner work

Monthly Theme / Country for 2018 - 2019 School Year

  Theme Country
September Musical Instruments Australia
October Primary Colors Chile
November Electricity China
December Holiday Traditions Norway
January Hibernation & Migration Belgium
February Calligraphy Canada
March Community Helpers South Africa
April Weather & Seasons Iceland
May Nature Singapore
June Dental Health Jamaica
July Outer Space Egypt