Principal's Message

Welcome to Busy Bees International School where I firmly believe school life should be an extension of the home.
We aim to provide an environment in which each child are encouraged to reach there full potential, be that in the classroom, on the field or on stage. At Busy Bees International school each child is nurtured as an individual, allowing their abilities and confidence to develop side by side.
School years are some of the most important of a child's life.
We strive to ensure these years are not only the most valuable but also some of the happiest, so that pupils move on as, confident and well rounded individuals.

Why choose Busy Bees:
During the past nine years in Tokyo Busy Bees has continued to maintain a reputation of high standard among the Tokyo expat community. Year after year we have continued a strong cooperation with major international and Japanese schools in Tokyo. Busy Bees is recognized for providing a program which develops children to greater levels of social and academic skills. Our international environment offers an unprecedented opportunity for your child to learn about cultures as they increase academic and social skills. Our goal is to make sure every child feels successful with our age appropriate curriculum provided at each childfs level.

Willie Hines

Busy Bees Teachers

Our staff are both highly experience and well qualified. They are chosen for their ability to combine warmth and energy with endless understanding. This ensures fully motivated pupils through a well informed and interesting teaching regime.

About Busy Bees Graduates

Many of our graduates have achieved excellent results and continue to be accepted into leading elementary schools world wide and in Japan.
The excellence of our programs are reflected in the fact that our graduates advance to top local and international schools around the world including ASIJ, KIST, IISJ, British school in Tokyo, Intfl French school, Little Angels Intfl school, Tokyo Chinese school, Rikkyo jogakuin elementary school, Toho gakuen elementary school, and Myojo gakuen elementary school among others.