Busy Bees International School Admissions Handbook 2016-2017

What is BBIS?

Busy Bees International School was founded in 2007 is a private pre-kindergarten serving the international community of Tokyo. We at Busy Bees believe creativity is one of the most important elements to foster in young children. We support your child's personal creativity through our multi-faced curriculum. The Busy Bees staff developed the entire learning program with a focus on philosophy, music and art appreciation, culture, history, ecology and volunteering, within a variety of themes mathematics, science and others. All based around an interesting monthly theme. We also include fun time for learning songs developing language skills and manners and finally there is circle time where we play games with students.

Student Policies

We would like to introduce you to the policies that are being implemented at our school, by understanding our beliefs we can work together to insure that your child will have a positive experience at Busy Bees.

School Terms and School Hours

There are three terms as follows:
1st term: September - December
2nd term: January - March
3rd term: April - July

Classes are held during the following hours:
Regular Class 9:30-13:30
Whole Day Class 8:30-17:30
Afternoon Class 15:00-17:00
Saturday Class 9:00-12:30


Arrival time will be from 9:20 to 9:30 (Regular Class)
From 8:20 to 8:30 (Whole Day Class), From 14:50 to 15:00 (Afternoon Class),from 8:50 to 9:00 (Saturday Class)


Please introduce to us anyone that will be regularly picking up your child from school. If you would like your child to go home with someone else on a particular day, please inform us. We will not send your child home with someone that we were not expecting.


Please telephone the school before 8:00 if your child will be absent from school, or leave a message on the answering machine.

Policy for leaving Busy Bees International School

Busy Bees International School requires 1 term written notice prior to leaving or will be charged.

Class sizes

School limit is 37 students at any one time.
Beetle Class 1-12
Honeybee Class 1- 10 (2 teachers if over the class ratio.)
Ladybug Class 1- 5 (2 teachers if over the class ratio.)
Class sizes may change due to children moving up each term or new students joining.
School limit of 37 students at any one time will not change.

Parents - Teacher Conferences

Parents are invited to meet the class teacher for a private and confidential discussion about their child's progress. The fall meeting is a brief review of how the child is doing in class. We identify strength and weaknesses. The spring meeting is more in depth on the child's academic and social progress.
It is important for parents to understand that parents/teacher communication is not limited to these schedule times. Specific problems should be discussed as quickly as possible with the teachers or director.

Show and Tell

The purpose of show and tell is to provide an opportunity for the children to share an experience on item which is of important to them. This is an important activity for each child as it pertains to their individual development of both speaking and listening skills.

School Closure

In the event of severe weathers or some other emergency, the school maybe closed on the starting time delayed. Parents will be notified by phone. Please notify the administrator immediately of any changes of address or telephone number.


Parents are advised to make sure their child's immunizations are up to date. Busy Bees staff must be informed of children who have caught any contagious illnesses. For such cases, children must remain at home until the contagious period is over and the child has fully recovered. Also, you must bring in a doctor's excuse.

List of items your child will need

A) Please dress your child in play clothes
B) Backpack(for lunches)
C) Lunch boxEWater bottle
D) Extra clothes
E) Painting smock
F) Diapers and wipes (if required)

Sunscreen, Hat, Insect Repellant
Note: Please clearly write your child's name (in English) on everything that you send to school.

Toilet Training

For the younger children in Lady Bug Class who are not toilet trained, we would like the parents to know that part of our job is to act as support for the family. When you start toilet training, Please let us know, so we can assist your child in reinforcing these skills at school. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.
For those children who are still in diapers, please be sure to sent 3 - 4 diapers and wipes with your child every day.

Student pricing

Once you have joined Busy Bees International School, your child's tuition price will never be raised for the class that you have signd up for. Switching from regular to whole day or swithching afternoon to saturday or switching to any other different program would be a different price. We reserve the right to raise tuition on non members. However, also with non members, their prices will never go up once they have already joined.